My week in SF – Iron Man 2 – Feed – Halo Reach beta.

It’s so bad not being in the habit of blogging regularly… it’s like bumping into a friend you haven’t seen for ages, there’s so much you have to say, but you don’t know where to start, and if you’re not careful the two of you will just stand there, awkwardly. Hi… So… How have you been?

Well, there’s now a Facebook page you can ‘like’ Space-Time Industries on. It’s basically a less chatty version of this. And will probably be updated more often… Anything exciting and science fiction in the UK I’ll post as I hear about it. As well as a summary of each month’s new releases in film, games and books. I’ll add a link to the –> side as soon as i remember how…

Below the RSS feed, which I should grab a button for too. And if that seems like more information than you need… It’s really a seamless segue into a mention of an awesomely geeky book cover I came across a couple of days ago… It’s called Feed, by Mira Grant.

The cover for Feed, by Mira Grant I love a bad pun, and this works on so many levels. It’s a post-zombie tale and, from what I can tell, society didn’t fall, but it didn’t exactly win either. The story’s told by bloggers (hence ‘feed’) investigating the conspiracy behind the original outbreak. Hopefully there’s more substance to it than just a great idea for a title, and given that it’s the first in a trilogy (the Newsflesh Trilogy), I think there just might be.

I received my (huge!) reading copy today. I’ve got one or two things to get to first, but I’m really looking forward to reading this one and I’ll drop a review as soon as I have.

I was planning on mentioning the apocalyptic fiction table I’ve set up at work, tying in neatly with this, but it’s really late (again) so I’ll have to save that one for another day… I’ll try and manage a double-post on Friday for that and a review for the Reapers are the Angels by Alden Bell. (two updates in one day!?! I know, I’m not even managing two a week right now…)

So I saw Iron Man 2, that was awesome.

Was it better than the first one…? Yes, and no. It’s been a while since I’ve seen no.1 but this one felt a little more disjointed, but a little more awesome. Really, you should see them both (in order preferably). They’re great films and Robert Downey Jr. is just the perfect Tony Stark. Scarlett Johansson was outstanding as Black Widow too, not a massive role in this film, but a good cameo for the character in the continued build to the Avengers movie.

I’ve been playing a little in the Halo: Reach beta too. It’s fun. Yes, it’s Halo multiplayer again (what sequel isn’t noticeably a descendant of the preceding games), but it’s the culmination of years of feedback, experimenting and tweaking (actually, this is really the final stage in that tweaking process). When I say it’s fun, I mean simply that – really, really fun. I’m not the best FPSer, of 11 games played so far I’ve only won one; through luck more than anything else. I’ve also bottomed the chart on three games, but I’ve enjoyed it all; at the end of every game I want to get back in there, do it again. I’m liking trying out the new equipment, the new (and old) weapons. Still haven’t quite got the hang of the new controls, but I will. And just when I have, they’ll take it away from me… and I’ll have to wait till Autumn.

The two maps I’ve played are really nice, both in layout and graphically (although there’s a camp spot on one of the maps that’s just ridiculous). I haven’t played any team games yet because I have a bad habit of shooting everything that moves… fine for lone-wolfing it, not so fine for when it’s your team mate looking for some support…

People already seem to have broken the ground pound move too… when I played on the first night it was really useable, now people (including me) tend to just drop a grenade on you and wander off. Coming out of the manoeuvre (which grants you temporary invulnerability while keeping you stuck on the spot) takes too long and a well-timed grenade kills you with no effort. Jet packs are so cool though (and yes, I did misjudge my fuel and plummet to my death, but just the one time).

I was going to hop on again tonight, but I really need sleeps right now…

Halo reach screen shot.

I had a better picture… but I called it ‘Shine on’ and apparently xbox live finds that offensive (what?), so I can’t get at that right now as there is currently no ‘rename file’ option… *v_v*


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