Space-Time Hiatus

Bad Xero!

So it’s been over two months since I updated this. Which is not because I’ve given up on it, or because I have once again tried to pick writing up only to fumble the ball. The opposite, in fact.

Part of starting a new blog, for me, was about getting into the habit of writing. Because writing regularly makes you a better writer (this is something you will hear a lot if you have any kind of teaching on the subject, and it’s true). When you write regularly, phrasing and flow fall into place more easily, you develop a ‘voice’.

I’m pretty sure I lost my voice for a bit there. It’s a workable metaphor, you have to strain a little to say anything, it’s uncomfortable, even if you really want to say things. Looking at the reviews I’ve written they seem functional to me, but not personal. And why would someone read a minor blog like mine if all they got was the same as elsewhere, if they didn’t get anything of me (even if I updated regularly… ;) )

Well, I’ve been getting up early and writing. Just exercises, micro-fiction. Micro-fiction being my preferred form anyway; if anyone tells you it’s restrictive and confining they don’t understand what it is for, what it can be. And if anyone tells you it’s easy, well, it is easy to write something with only a few words, but it’s not easy to do it well.

And it’s not easy to write a piece every day. A whole new story, sketch, world, moment, character… every day. But that’s what I’ve been trying. I’m a few days behind, but generally it’s been going well. I’ve been writing. I’ve been creating.

You can see the fruit of my labours at Xeroverse: Missing Pieces.

It is, of course, alternative genres. Sometimes science fiction, if not always overtly so. As with the fiction I read, I find mainstream, ‘real world’ fiction without any kind of fantastical, surreal or dark edge, uninteresting. Which isn’t to belittle those who do write that, it just isn’t to my personal tastes.

For something a little different. I’ve also started reviewing books I haven’t read

As soon as I get round to working out how to do it I’ll fix the front page of so that it runs all of my everything on one feed. Hopefully I’ll get back to updating this more regularly too. In the mean time, for anyone that takes the time to follow the links. Thank you. And I hope you enjoy my work.


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