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Mass Effect 1 & 2: Storytelling vs. Mechanics

In preparation for Mass Effect 3 I recently replayed the first two games. (on Insanity… infuriating at times, but easier than I thought it would be.)
When it was released I played the first game a lot. I mean, for a long game, I actually completed it several times, and not just for achievements, but because [...]

Review: Enslaved (demo)

I realise I mostly talk about books on here… I want to try and rectify this because I really do play a lot of games (a lot of games) and watch a lot of films. Let’s take the first baby step with the Enslaved demo.
So what makes a good demo?
Put someone in too early and the [...]

My week in SF – Iron Man 2 – Feed – Halo Reach beta.

It’s so bad not being in the habit of blogging regularly… it’s like bumping into a friend you haven’t seen for ages, there’s so much you have to say, but you don’t know where to start, and if you’re not careful the two of you will just stand there, awkwardly. Hi… So… How have you [...]