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Most anticipated SF games of 2011

Everybody’s doing it, a new year starts so you look forward to all the new releases. This is even more important this year than the past few. Personally – although there were some big games, sure – last year was a bit disappointing. There have been years where come the big Autumn release schedule I’ve [...]

Big, Bad Biomega

I keep meaning to at least post a few little thoughts at a time here, if not taking the time to write full reviews, just to keep this thing alive… so I’m going to talk about Biomega, as I’ve just caught up with the series.
Biomega is awesome. Crazy, exploding, future bike, super soldier, talking bear, [...]

Space-Time Hiatus

Bad Xero!
So it’s been over two months since I updated this. Which is not because I’ve given up on it, or because I have once again tried to pick writing up only to fumble the ball. The opposite, in fact.
Part of starting a new blog, for me, was about getting into the habit of writing. [...]